What You Should Know About LAX


Los Angeles International Airport, the nation’s second-largest airport, has been in the news recently after it made changes to its curbside pickup and dropoff policies for ridesharing companies and taxis. LAX is extremely congested due to increased passenger traffic and the construction of the people mover, or elevated airport train,

In an effort to alleviate the traffic, LAX is now requiring passengers to walk or take a shuttle to LAX-it (pronounced “L.A. Exit”), a ground transportation hub for taxis and rideshares (but not for chauffeured car services). A chaotic first week prompted the airport to add 50% more space, as overcrowding and long delays were becoming common. LAX-it will be in use until 2023 when the people mover project is finished.

Note: La Costa Limousine can still pick you up at the outer island curb! Step right into one of our luxurious, comfortable vehicles, and avoid the hassle of the hub.

Future Plans

LAX People Mover

In addition to the people mover train, LAX is constructing a multi-modal transit station and a new parking structure, as well as upgrading all of its aging terminals. With 87.5 million passengers last year, Los Angeles International Airport is investing in steps to reduce traffic and make the flying experience more pleasant.

Travel Like a Celebrity

LAX Private Suites

LAX has the only private airport terminal in the country. For a $4,500 yearly fee and $2,700 per domestic flight, you can avoid the security lines, the crowds, and the endless walking with LAX Private Suites.

When you get to the airport, you’ll enter through a special gate. A team of eight people ensures your entire experience is seamless, from security to bags to boarding. While you wait in your suite (which has beds and a fully-stocked pantry), you have access to complimentary meals, video conferencing, and in-suite massage. When it is time for you to board, you’ll be driven on the tarmac right to your plane. It might seem a bit over the top, but then again, this is Hollywood!

LAX is only one of the many airports La Costa Limousine services. We are experts at navigating traffic to get you to your plane or home from your travels in comfort and elegance–and don’t forget that we can pick you up at the outer island curb with no need to take a shuttle. Call us today at (760) 438-4455 to book your next trip.